Teacher Classroom Project Grants

The Teacher Classroom Project Grant is a unique teacher/classroom program that awards funds of $500 to $1,500 to teachers for creative and innovative projects for classroom use that directly impacts the quality of education for students.

2011-12 Classroom Grant Awardees


Suzy Bombaci, 1st grade, Mountain Elementary School,
“Using the Barton System to Teach Division and Vowel Teams”
     This project funds materials to supplement a multisensory reading and spelling curriculum. Building on materials already in use, this project provides extensions and augmentation of the adopted curriculum in phonics.


Stephanie Young, 1st Grade, Westlake Elementary,
“Artist/Writer Project”
     The goal of the Artist/Writer project is to integrate art and literacy development and provide supplemental strategies to support young writers to create with strength and enthusiasm. Through literature, students will create their own art pieces as a prompt in the writing process. Using their own art as a prompt for written expression will enable students of diverse abilities and backgrounds to be inspired, confident and expansive writers.


Liz Fohs, 2nd Grade, Del Mar Elementary,
“Picturing Writing”
     Building on the work of Carolyn Franks, presented at the Santa Cruz County Reading Association, funds will purchase curriculum, literature and arts supplies to complete grade level implementation of the “Picturing Writing” strategies. Through quality literature, students create responsive art and then extend it by writing. This strategy has shown improved vocabulary and language development, increased motivation, and unexpected developments in writing and illustrating.


Emily Halbig, 5th Grade, H. A. Hyde,

“SMART Student Responders”
Students will use hand held student responding devices for formal and informal assessment tasks in the classroom. Increased student engagement through the use of technology, improved student achievement by frequent and targeted assessments, and targeted lesson planning through the use of timely student feedback are advantages already experienced with student responders on short term loan to the school. Through this funding, responders can be purchased.


Lisa Fowler, K-8th Grade, Linscott Charter School,
“Million Words Campaign Improvements;”
     Funding will support, improve and enhance the school’s year long Million Words Campaign through the purchase of quality literature for classroom and school libraries with an emphasis on cultural relevance and high interest. Parent education materials will also be purchased to supplement the Million Words Campaign.


Lynda Sierra, 9th-12th Grade, Soquel High School,
“Blue and Gold Café”
     Development and remodeling of the school café will afford the ROP and special education students the opportunity to develop vocational skills in this innovative project.


Mary Gaukel-Forster, 9th-12th, Delta Charter High School, 

"Trees and Seas”
     Through the purchase of digital cameras for each advisory class, students will document school service-learning projects and school events, connecting school with the outside world. Students will develop videos of their service-learning projects to be posted on the school and district websites, youtube, teachertube and other community education sites. Not only will students be more engaged in service-learning projects, we will expose many others to the great work of Delta students and hopefully inspire others to volunteer in their communities.

Ken Dickerson, 10th-12th Grade, Renaissance Continuation High School,
“Student Life Skills Video Project”
     Students will learn about horticultural science, health, culinary arts and nutrition through the purchase of video cameras by creating scripts and instructional videos to teach those skills to others. Student will work collaboratively by fostering a group support approach to crating and critiquing each student video. Increased student mastery of English reading, writing and comprehension skills and oral presentation skills will be supported by scripting and presenting the steps of the life skills they are learning.


Lisa Storer, 10th-12th Grade, Coastanoa Continuation High School,
“Looking at the Worlds We Live In”
     This project is designed to engage students through taking pictures, learning the vocabulary of photography, and designing photographic/reflective works in which they articulate what they have discovered about themselves and the worlds we live in. With photography as the focus, students will accomplish reading, writing, and interpreting activities that will facilitate the advancement of their academic skills. Digital cameras will be purchased and disposable cameras, donated by Seaside Company, will be provided to support this project.