Teacher Classroom Project Grants

The Teacher Classroom Project Grant is a unique teacher/classroom program that awards funds of $500 to $1,500 to teachers for creative and innovative projects for classroom use that directly impacts the quality of education for students.

2013-14 Classroom Grant Awardees


Isai Baltezar, Ricardo Reyes, Erin Hewett; 4th-5th Grade Bilingual, Starlight Elementary

"Digital Narrative: My Story"
This project funds use of "Chromebook to create and archive the various artifacts of students' personal narrative. Teachers will develop this project in conjunction with the immigration thematic unit that is currently our spring focus. The objective is to have students learn about their own personal history to highlight the process of immigration in a project-based learning environment."- Isai Baltezar et al.


Yann Nicolas, 4th Grade, Westlake Elementary School
"Personalized Learning Through iPad Mini Math Center"
In this project, "Fourth grade students will use iPad Minis as a center-based activity to build speed and accuracy with their math facts and apply these skills towards more complex algorithms for long multiplication, long division, fractions, and geometry." - Yann Nicolas


Sarah Anderson, 3rd Grade Bilingual, Ann Soldo Elementary
"The Super Salmon Cycle: Steelhead Stewardship and Conservation"
This project combines stewardship and convservation as students observe the life cycle of salmon while they actualy incubate in our classroom. This project will improve student achievement in the area of sciences through hands-on project-based learning approach... using the process of inquiry and science notebooks... collaborating and innovating in small groups to come up with more ways we can help increase salmon populations in the Monterey Bay Areas."
- Sarah Anderson


Justin Trinh-Halperin, 7th-8th Grade,
Tierra Pacifica Charter School
"Ukeleles... that's what we Play, Play"

This project inspired development of semester-long music class at Tierra Pacifica Charter School. Schools Plus funded acquisition of ukeleles and tuners for use during free time and for integration with existing music instruction to provide "students an opportunity for taking ownership of themselves as musicians." - Linda Lambdin, Principal

Risa Schwartz, 2nd-4th Grade, Mar Vista Elementary
"Manipulate Me"

This project funds manipulatives and other supplemental items for the Common Core State Standards math preparation.


Arlene Sande, K-12th Grade, Branciforte Small Schools
"IPAD Use for Students with Learning Disabilities"

This project funds IPAD acquisition to further reading and writing skill development and basic math concepts for students with identified learning disabilities.


Wendy Treat, 2nd-5th Grade & 4th-High School, Mar Vista Elementary & Branciforte Small Schools
"IPAD use for students with disabilities"
This project funds IPAD acquisition to further written language and math, reading and core curriculum work for students with identified learning disabilities, allowing students "assistive technology in the form of an IPAD" to "improve their ability to write independently and improve their attitudes about writing." - Wendy Treat


Patty Hayes, Erin Mongiello, 6th Grade, San Lorenzo Valley Middle School
"Weather Stations and Weather Monitoring"

This project funds purchase of "eight weather centers. Each Weather Center will include barometer, hyrometer, thermometer, three stands for instruments and a sturdy case for student use. The students will be taking data to monitor weather. Students will monitor trends, averages, and highs and lows of weather. The data will be analyzed through charts and graphs. Conclusions and predictions will be made in written form." - Hayes & Mongiello


Laura Beach, Gail Alaimo, Mackenzie Most, 9th-10th Grade, Soquel High School
Organic Garden Experimental Research Project"

"Soquel High School students will design an original research project to be carried ou tin an organice garden from March until June. The project will require students to research a given topic of their choice that will provide background for their research project. Students will plant their garden and care for it while collecting data for their experiment through the spring semester. A research report including experimental design, data, graphical analysis, discussion, and critique will be required at the project end. Finally, students willl have the chance to enjoy the fruits of their garden with a celebratory salad in June!" - Laura Beach, et al.



Erin Hall, David Patino, Ian Lacata, Mike Floor, Michael Tennant,
9th-12th Grade, Academic Vocational Charter Institute

"Green House Project"


"This project is designed to bring together teachers and students from
different curricular areas to produce one large hands on project that is
a culmination of skills learned from these different curricular areas.
This project will help our students and our school by working towards
our GREEN Sustainable Theme that we at AVCI are striving to infuse into
our daily lessons in all classes."
- Erin Hall, et al





Kathleen Crocetti & Sharon Mullowney, 6th-12th Grades, Mission Hill Middle School & Costanoa High School



"Students will participate in a professional art / performance show. The show provides students with a professional juried show experience. Students need to complete an application with drawings and a descriptive paragraph of what they plan on designing. ... This is a competitive process and students are very motivated to be selected to participate." - Crocetti & Mullowyney


Graham Skinner & Ernest Kuwahara, 10th-12th Grade, Soquel High School
"Van de Graaff Generator Demonstration and Worksheets"

"The classic Van de Graaf generator (VDGG) is a staple of high school physics programs. This must-have device is used for many dramatic and unforgettable demonstrations of fundamentals of electrostatic and electrical physics such as like-charge repulsion, charge transfer, circuit grounding, electric field, potential (voltage), current, conduction and insulation." - Skinner & Kuwahara




Jennifer Proudfoot, Erin Edwards, and Verena Elias, 4th-6th Grade, Tierra Pacifica Charter School

"Historical Documentation of the Arana Gulch Project"


"This project gives students an opportunity to take part in a historically significant community project... by carefully observing, mapping, photographing and filming the use of Arana Gulch before and after the construction of new bike paths and interpretive trails throughout the nature area, as well as documeting the stages of construction..." - Jennifer Proudfoot, et al.

"We felt that everyone involved, staff, students, and families, benefitted in many ways from this project. Primarily, we all know more about our local watershed, and how we as citizens can affect real changes that can either harm or benefit it in th elong run. And creating informed and empowered citizens is what public education is all about." - Jennifer Proudfoot, et al. 


Dusten Dennis, 10th-12th Grade, Costanoa High School

"Physics of Catapults"

"This inquiry science project will encourage small group cooperation and positive outcomes in the classroom. With the tools and materials for this project, students will plan, construct, test, and modify small wooden catapults." - Dusten Dennis

The "grant definitely accomplished the goals of increasing student engagement and motivation. Students were proud of their creations and totally involved in the creative aspects of designing and building a working catapult. Then, they overcame obstacles by modifying their designs when something didn't work quite as they had expected. They were more focused and collaborating with their classmates by explaining ideas and implementing changes."

We "had an all-school exhibition at the end of the project." 

-Dusten Dennis, Costanoa High School