Teacher Classroom Project Grants

The Teacher Classroom Project Grant is a unique teacher/classroom program that awards funds of $500 to $1,500 to teachers for creative and innovative projects for classroom use that directly impacts the quality of education for students.

2018-19 Classroom Grant Awardees




















Reba Patterson, Andi Westrup - Live Oak Elementary School

"Live Oak First Graders Meet MORE Masters" (1st Grade)

This grant continues the support of last year's three "Master Artist" units with an additional three units to "represent artistic mediums and/or styles not represented ... last year. We chose Faith Ringgold, Henri Rousseau and Grant Wood." Using "scripted curriculum, including Powerpoint presentations, and sample posters... for display during the lesson,...  students have a hands-on experience that covers different styles and mediums in art."

Sheila Gamga, Diana Susoy, and Feliz Severson - Librarians of Green Acres, Del Mar and Live Oak Elementary Schools

"Improved Literacy for K through 5th Graders Through Science Texts" (K-5th Grades)
This grant supports "literacy materials to accompany the NGSS FOSS Science units ... (taught) in 2018/19 and beyond. The books (will) help us bridge our English language arts instructions with science.

​​​​Barbara Lawrence, Molly Moyer, Ziesel Saunders, Claudia Riege, Lacie Wall, Joe Leonard, Bronwyn Wyrsch, and Daniel Bickham - Gault Elementary.

"See it, Experience it, Learn it: Space comes to Gault School" (1st & 5th Grades)
Also known as "Dome on the Go" this grant provides a unique in-school experience of a real planetarium. Complete with instruction before and after, 1st & 5th graders "study the Earth and Solar System."

Laura McFarland - Monarch Community School

"Flexible Seating for Better Learning" (1st, 2nd, 3rd Grades)
This grant provides "an environment that support all learning styles... (with) five HowdaHug chairs for the classroom for "better focus, less fidgeting, increased eye contact and more concentration... allowing (students) to be self-motivated and stay ... engaged in the lesson."

Shelby Henderson & Liz Mowry - Live Oak Elementary
Katy Gilpin & Julie Curley - Green Acres Elementary
Kathy Doll & Diane Weiler - Del Mar Elementary

"Accessing History: Reading About the Gold Rush in Leveled Reading Groups" (4th Grade)
This trio of grants provide "leveled books sets of fiction and non-fiction titles around the Gold Rush... (helping) bridge our English language arts instruction with Social Studies." The students form "reading groups... to gain a deeper understanding of the Gold Rush and its impact on California's and the United State's history, culture, people and economy."

Wills Tuthill - Ann Soldo Elementary

"Robotics Club" (3rd-5th Grades)

This grant provides funds for beginning a Robotics Club, complete with kits for building water-worthy rovers. Students will work with staff to select equipment, projects, and in the process of design and assembly.

Melissa Nix, Mariko McMillin, Tammy Bye, Nick Elias, Rachel Dysart, Amelia Siegel, Amber Julien - Shoreline Middle School

"Fantastic Flight!" (6th, 7th & 8th Grades)

This grant supports another year of school-wide participation in the Math Department's kite-building project. "Over the years, our school-wide kite project has grown and evolved. Initially, in 2015-16, the math department assigned a particular kite design for each grade level. With the support of Schools Plus, this first year ... was an enormous success. It was the first project to bring everyone together and we knew we wanted it to continue for it genuinely unified our students and staff. In 2016-17, Schools Plus helped us expand the project to incorporate a maker-space design, allowing students to have access to a variety of materials to design and create a kite of their interest." This year, "we will evoke a new era of kite designs: the environ-kite... to make a concerted effort to test designs which utilize environmentally-friendly materials."

Carol Glenn - Shoreline Middle School

"Literature Circles - Latinx Authors" (7th & 8th Grades)

This grant provides literature books with "titles and topics ... with predominately Latino and Latina characters written by Latinx authors at a variety of levels that will engage students in reading together in class." Serving "designated English Language Development student literacy... (so) students (can) be reclassified as fluent English Proficient."

Bob van Dyk - Shoreline Middle School

"Power of the Pen" (6th, 7th, & 8th Grades)

This grant supports a STEM unit activity in the "wood shop (complete with lathes, drill presses, and sanding machines) where students will design their own wooden pen, sharing the importance of the pen and how the written word has changed history."

Eunie Del Rosario - Shoreline Middle School

"Healthy Living Elective Class" (6th, 7th, & 8th Grades)

This grant helps provide "a place for students to practice Mindfulness techniques and to experience themselves free of expectations. As this is our first year, we are in the developmental stages of gardening, food preparation, and mindful movement activities."

Russel Love  -  New Community Day School

"New School Outdoor Science and Character Development Program" (9th-12th)
"Based on the success of the Schools Plus funded pilot program", this year's grant support expands the program to include an 'incentive' field trip in coordination with the Growing Up Wild Outdoor Environmental Education Program to set the stage for student/teacher collaborations and behavioral expectations for the rest of the program's academic and community service field work which provides opportunity for some "of Watsonville's most at-risk students to learn and practice environmental science and prosocial skills by doing." Some of the project objectives are to: "Foster social skills and problem solving skills through collaborative group and team-building activities. Nurture personal growth and self-esteem. Increase student connection and appreciation of the natural world. Contribute to the community through student service projects. Build understanding of environmental science concepts such as water quality, natural resources, and human impact on Earth systems."