Bricmont Library Fund

2019-20 Bricmont Library Fund Grant Awardees

Sylvia Qualls - Amesti Elementary School

"Growing Readers, Growing Comprehension" (3rd & 4th Grade)

This grant broadens the classroom library selection to "include more of the genre of historical fiction as well as nonfiction which is relevant to our state History & Social Studies standards. Workshop comprehension goals (are to) broaden (student) understanding of the diverse perspectives of the state of California and its history, all while nourishing independent reading interests."

Adriana Lugo - De LaVeaga Elementary School

"Juvenile Jazz Up" (2nd-5th Grade)

With the goal of creating a "more balanced juvenile collection"  with "more diverse, current, and varied genre collection" that better meets the needs of the multilingual students, this grant supports expansion of the reading collection to include "series with diverse characters" to "encourage minority children to read series with diverse characters who mirror them" and "encourage White children to be aware and accepting of others who are not like them through reading series with diverse characters."

Henrique Coura, Katelyn Tripp, MaryAnn Hilton -

Del Mar Elementary School

"We Love to Read!" (TK/K)

This grant "allows purchase of leveled reading books for each TK and K classroom at our school.... to put a high quantity of quality books in students' hands."

Mary Thomas, Jennifer Schmida, Joanne Gehart, Annette Kamoss

Green Acres Elementary School

"For the Love of Reading!" (2nd Grade)

Providing "a wider selection of good quality books" at students' reading level to allow them access to "enough leveled readers at their fingertips make the growth their capable of achieving."

Lisa Rispaud, Kristy Davilla, Mitzi Murphy, Annette Kamoss

Green Acres Elementary School

"Books, Books, Books!" (1st Grade)

This grant "allows purchase of leveled reading books for each TK and K classroom at our school.... to put a high quantity of quality books in students' hands."


2015-16 Bricmont Library Fund Grant Awardees:

Kathryn Caldarella of Shoreline Middle School

"Accelerated Reading Program Books"

Freja Rasmussen, et al, of Valencia Elementary School
"Multi-Sensory Reading Intervention"

Jennifer Manier, et al, of T.S. MacQuiddy Elementary

"Reading Intervention Leveled Texts"

About The Bricmont Library Fund


SCHOOLS PLUS has added the Library Grant Program to give funds to the public schools to allow them to purchase up-to-date books and other materials such as computer resource/research programs. 

Since 2012, Schools Plus' Bricmont Library Fund granted $20,000 in funding to support the libraries of over a dozen different classroom libraries in Santa Cruz County Schools.

Make your contribution to the Bricmont Library Fund today and add to the library experience of our Santa Cruz County Schools' students!


2018-19 Bricmont Library Fund Grant Awardees:

Katy Scowcroft, Barbara Lawrence, Amariah Hernandez -

Gault Elementary School "K-5 NGSS Texts" (K-5th grades)
This grant provides funding for purchase of "relevant, engaging non-fiction texts that support the implementation and instruction of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)" using "beautiful, print-rich texts... that will support their science instruction."


Bridgett O'Shea, Anne McNair, and Brandy Escott -

San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School

"Diverse Books: Representing all of our students

& ways of being in this world." (TK-5th grades)

This grant provides "literature that inspires (students) and helps them continue to grow and feel proud of who they are, as well as learn more about others who share this planet." With "texts that support diversity, focus on social justice, ... are high-interest, but at lower reading levels, so our struggling readers can relate .. at appropriate instructional levels." 

2017-18 Bricmont Library Fund Grant Awardees:

Bridgett O'Shea, Anne McNair, Alexis Guiver - San Lorenzo Valley Elementary

"Engaging Books for Reluctant Readers: Finding High-Interest / Low-Level Texts that Inspire!" (TK-5th)

"Many of our readers struggle to find books that match both their areas of interest AND their reading levels. We woul dlike to add some graphic novels... along with comic books genre study to our instruction, in hopes that students will be engaged in reading and ... become motivated to write their own." - Bridgett O'Shea, et al

Jennifer Bird, Jennifer Tschirky, Monica Hettenhausen, Jennifer Cross, Terra Barsanti, John Fisher - Pacific Elementary School

"Learning and Caring for Our Green School Yard" (TK-4th)
The Bricmont Library Fund grant supported purchase of books for this grant involving "learning about and caring for (the) orchard and native landscaped area."

Katy Scowcroft, Vickie Gilbert, Barbara Lawrence, Susan Dahlgren - Gault Elementary School

"Community Rocks!" (K-5th)

The Bricmont Library Fund supported purchase of literature to accompany the school-wide development of life-skills of: Gratitude, Compassion, Participation, Integrity, Grit, and Optimism.

Melissa Shaw, Jennifer Gill, Michelle Voorhees - Watsonville Charter School of the Arts

"Reading Workshop Leveled Library" (4th-5th)

The Bricmont Fund grant supported purchase of novel sets of leveled readers "for each grade level's Unit of Study for Writing/Reading Workshop" via independent reading, book clubs, and blogging.

Joanne Tabasz - Mar Vista School

"Beginning Readers for Beginning Reading" (1st)

This Bricmont grant funds purchase of leveled readers to fill the gaps in the classroom library used for daily reading instruction and teaching foundation skills and comprehension.

Anne Twichell - Mar Vista School

"Leveled Readers" (2nd)
This Library Grant funds "engaging books for guided reading groups (and) for both independent and supported reading.

Casey Denning, Jill Murgia, Martha Dyer, Devon Magana, Don Jacobs - Mission Hill Middle School

"Bring Relevance and Engagement to MS Literature" (7th-8th)

This Bricmont Library Fund grants purchase of contemporary literature books suitable for instruction across grade level on them, character development, point of view, and essay writing.

 Maria del Socorro Garcia - Pajaro Valley High School

"Como Aqua Para Chocolate" (12th)

This Library Fund grant supports Spanish literature and language arts instruction with a class set of Como Agua Para Chocolate.

2012-13 & 2013-14 Bricmont Library Fund Grant Awardees:

Anthony Augimeri of DeLaVeaga Elementary

"Meeting Common Core Standards with E-Books"

This Library Fund project provided E-Books to meet State Common Core Standards, stressing "the importance of careful reading, analysis, and application of information texts." The Schools Plus grant will "enhance whole-class direct instruction in these skills, followed by subsequent small-group and independent work." -Anthony Augimeri.

Kathryn Caldarella of Shoreline Middle School

"Accelerated Reading Program Books"

Freja Rasmussen, et al, of Valencia Elementary School
"Multi-Sensory Reading Intervention"

Jennifer Manier, et al, of T.S. MacQuiddy Elementary

"Reading Intervention Leveled Texts"

E11-17 Art Walk Crop.jpg
2016-17 Bricmont Library Fund Grant Awardees:

Diana Susoy - Live Oak, Green Acres, and Del Mar Elementary Schools

"Gender Spectrum Books"

This grant funded acquisition of age-appropriate gender spectrum literature for the Live Oak School District, in answer to its "gender spectrum initiative... to make our schools feel like safe spaces to all students."

Sheryl Andersen- Shoreline Middle School

"Supporting Literacy in English Learners"
This grant provides the library with appropriate books in both Spanish and English for the Accelerated Reading Program for "students who are either newcomers to the country and speak and read no English, are long-term English learners, and are struggling readers, or are special education students.

2014-15 Bricmont Library Fund Grant Awardees:

Liz Vallance, Sarah Riccabonna, and Beau Blanton of Westlake Elementary
"Novels and Knowledge”


This grant provided over 320 books, used for "our Walk to Read program and classroom literacy circles." - Liz Vallance, et al

Third Grade Teacher, Tatiana Miller writes, "I just finished reading Three Cups of Tea, Young Readers' Edition with my Walk to Read class. ... what struck me in particular was the way this book helped students to expand their understanding of different cultures and their practicies. It was also empowering to students to see that it is possible to make a difference without much money; but simply with one's determination, committment, and patience. This story of humanitarianism was a wonderful model for students, and may commented about how it helped them to appreciate what resources they have in their lives.

In another classroom of third grade students who were barely reading at grade level, Flora and Ulysses provided even the most distractable students with its humor and meaningful story. Students' written reflection and discussions expanded understanding and awareness of divorce, mental illness, and created empathy.




















Oliver Ziff and Martha Dyer of Branciforte and Mission Hill Middle Schools
“Building the Non-Fiction Collection to Support Common Core Across the Curriculum”  (6th – 8th grades)


"We were able to bring 5 sections of 6th grade Science (over 150 students) into the library for an assignment called the “One Pager.” Students read one of our new non-fiction texts and completed this written and art driven assignment (see below for examples). We also used the books as a vehicle to review the parts of a non-fiction text (table of contents, photos, captions, headings, subheadings, index etc.) Students were genuinely excited to read these non-fiction books (and) are engaged in a way that we usually see with fiction books." - Oliver Ziff