Grant Cycle Information

The 2021-22 School Year Grant Cycle

begins with the new application deadline of the 1st of November.

This Grant Cycle applies to both the Teacher Classroom Grant and Bricmont Library Fund.

In an effort to give our teachers and librarians more time to implement and enjoy the grant funding of the 2019-20 Grant Cycle, the time-frame for use of grant funds has been extended into the 2020-21 school year. 

Similarly, the 2020-21 Grant Cycle awardees are afforded the 2021-22 School Year within which make use of their funds.

Applications will be reviewed by the Schools Plus Grant Review Board and awardees notified by mid-December.

Grants must be implemented and documentation sent to Schools Plus by the end of the school year. Details are in the application.

Final Project Reports are due the 2nd Friday of September.







2019-20 FINAL PROJECT REPORTS DUE the 2nd Friday of September, 2022.

2020-21 FINAL PROJECT REPORTS DUE the 2nd Friday of September, 2023.

Read about prior years' Grant Recipients.
Annual Grant Cycle ​Key Dates
Classroom Teacher Grants
Bricmont Library Fund Grants

1st day of November:

Applications due for

Classroom Teacher Grants and

Bricmont Library Fund Grants


Grant funds issued; all applicants notified.


End of School Year:

Due date for Grant Fund implementation and provision to Schools Plus of documentation (e.g. receipts for granted purchases).


2nd Friday of September:

Final Project Reports Due.


Grant Cycle ​Key Dates for Paul M Owen
Memorial Fund for Technology

1st Day of November: Application Due Date


January: Funds issued.

General Grant Information


Classroom Teacher Grant Information available for viewing and download here.


Paul M. Owen Memorial Fund for Technology Founded in 1995 and sponsored by SCHOOLS PLUS, the family and friends of Paul Owen established this fund to provide technology support in the schools where Paul worked as an administrator and teacher.


Bricmont Library Fund support public school libraries as well as classroom libraries.